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Enter an Adverse Event Report

Before you can start case processing, you must create the source Adverse Event Report and promote it to a Case.

Process a Case

Process an individual case safety report, including role-based assignment and guided user tasks throughout the entire Case Processing workflow.

Submit Individual Case Reports

Vault Safety supports electronic and manual submissions of individual case safety reports to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Prepare Aggregate Reports

Vault Safety supports ICH-compliant aggregate reports, including table generation and collaborative document editing.

Use Dashboards and Reports

Generate and use safety reports and dashboards to analyze and visualize information about business operations in your vault at any point-in-time.

Configure the Environment

Configure Vault Safety for your organization and process requirements. You must configure certain features before they are available for use.

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Manage Adverse Event Reports
Process a Case
Submit Individual Case Reports
Prepare Aggregate Reports
Use Reports and Dashboards
Configure the Environment