Promote to Multiple Cases

You can promote an Inbox Item to multiple Cases.

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About Multiple Case Promotion

If you need to create multiple reports with the same information, you can promote an Inbox Item to multiple Cases at once. Each Case links to the first created Case and the Inbound Transmissions link to the Inbox Item. When promoting to multiple Cases, the system skips duplicate detection.

To ensure the created Case is valid, the system may populate certain fields or records with a placeholder value. This makes it easier for case processors to identify information that needs to be populated.

The primary Reporter-type Case Contact record is populated with a placeholder record when all of the following fields are blank:

  • First Name (firstname_value__v)
  • First Name Reason Omitted (firstname_reason_omitted__v)
  • Last Name (lastname_value__v)
  • Last Name Reason Omitted (lastname_reason_omitted__v)
  • Organization (organization_value__v)
  • Organization Reason Omitted (organization_reason_omitted__v)

The Patient Initials field is populated with a placeholder value when all of the following fields are blank:

  • Patient Initials (patient_id_value__v)
  • Patient Initials (reason omitted) (patient_id_value__v)
  • Age (age_value__v)
  • Date of Birth (dob_idate__v)
  • Date of Birth (reason omitted) (dob_reason_omitted__v)
  • MRN - GP (mrn_gp_value__v)
  • MRN - GP (reason omitted) (mrn_gp_reason_omitted__v)
  • MRN - Hospital (mrn_hospital_value__v)
  • MRN - Hospital (reason omitted) (mrn_hospital_reason_omitted__v)
  • MRN - Investigation (mrn_investigation_value__v)
  • MRN - Investigation (reason omitted) (mrn_investigation_reason_omitted__v)
  • MRN - Specialist (mrn_specialist_value__v)
  • MRN - Specialist (reason omitted) (mrn_specialist_reason_omitted__v)

The Event (Reported) field is populated with a placeholder value when all of the following fields are blank:

  • Event (Reported) (event_reported__v)
  • Event (MedDRA) (event_meddra__v)

If the Localization field on the Inbox Item is set to a non-English value, the system creates Domestic Cases instead and appropriately sets the Case Localization.


An administrator must configure the Promote to Multiple Cases action before it is available for use.

Note This action is not available for E2B imported Inbox Items.

Promote an Inbox Item to Multiple Cases

  1. On the Inbox Item you want to promote, select the All Actions (All Actions) menu.
  2. Select Promote to Multiple Cases.
  3. A window appears and asks you to specify the number of Cases you want to create. Enter a value from 1-100 and select Complete.


The system skips duplicate detection and creates the specified number of Cases and an Inbound Transmission for each Case. Once complete, the system sends a notification indicating the amount of successfully created cases.

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