Configure the Inbox Item Follow-Up Case Compare Layout

Learn how to customize Case Compare for merging new information from an Inbox Item to an existing Case, either by creating a Follow-Up or new minor Case version.

Inbox Item Follow-Up Case Compare Administration

Administrators can customize the Inbox Item Follow-Up Case Compare page to choose which fields are available for merging follow-up information and their ordering.

If a field is not on the page layout, the field cannot be merged during follow-up creation. Instead of being merged, the previous Case value is used in the new Follow-Up Case version.

Customize the Inbox Item Follow-Up Case Compare Layout

You can manage the Case Compare layout from the Admin area > Configuration > Pages.

The Default Filter Options section controls the default filters that are enabled each time the page is loaded. We recommend showing new and modified as a base but some companies may want to show more detail by default.

All other sections correspond to sections with fields on the page layout.

Access the Case Compare Followup Layout

  1. In the Admin area, go to the Configuration tab.
  2. Under User Interface, open Pages.
  3. Open Case Compare Page.
  4. Under Layouts, open Case Compare Followup (case_compare_followup__v).
  5. On the Case Compare Followup page, edit sections on the layout under Sections.

Customize Fields

  1. On the Case Compare Followup page, under Sections, select the section with which you want to add or remove fields.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. Beside Fields, customize the fields for your business needs:
    • To add a field, start typing the name to instantly filter fields, and then select the field from the dropdown list.
    • To remove a field, select x icon.
    • To rearrange fields, drag and drop.
      Fields appear in the same order on the page layout.
  4. Select Save.

Layout Considerations

Consider the following information as you customize the Case Compare layout:

  • You can add both custom and standard fields to the layout.
  • Do not configure Reason Omitted fields on the layout.
  • You cannot add the same field to multiple sections.
  • Lookup and formula fields cannot be merged.
  • You cannot add custom Case child object sections to the layout. The system will copy any custom child records to the new Case version, though the custom child objects will not be visible on the Case Compare page.

    Note The system can only copy up to 2 custom child objects and up to 100 records per custom child object to the new Case version.

Follow-Up Case Compare Security

The Case Compare layout adheres to atomic security to ensure users can only view and merge content for fields and objects that they have the appropriate access to.

If users are missing Read permissions at the field or object level, fields adhere to their default promote to follow-up behavior.

The audit log records the follow-up case compare updates as performed by the system. Users must have access to the “Case Compare Page” in their Permission Set.

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