Reports and Dashboards Overview

Use reports and dashboards to understand important metrics about your business operations.

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About Reports and Dashboards

Use reports to generate and analyze information about business operations in your vault at any point-in-time. Use dashboards to visualize report data for at-a-glance understanding of key metrics.

Reports Overview

You can use reports to organize, analyze, and share any data related to your Cases, documents, and processes.

The following list highlights some examples of what you can do with Vault reports:

  • Create a forward-looking report to see which Cases need attention. For example, which Cases are approaching the submission due date.
  • Create a historical report to analyze how long it takes for a Case to go through the review process, discover how it differs across products, and identify the bottlenecks.
  • Use custom metrics to answer questions such as, what are some of the different reasons why a document failed to make it all the way through an approval process?

Create, view, and manage reports from the Reports tab.

Reports Tab
Reports Tab

Vault Online Help provides more overview information about reports.

Dashboards Overview

Dashboards provide an at-a-glance understanding of key metrics. Each dashboard contains one or more dashboard components and each component displays metrics from a report.

Create, view, and manage dashboards from the Dashboards tab. The dashboards you see on the Dashboards tab are those that you have created or that another user has created and shared with you.

Dashboards Tab
Dashboards Tab

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