How-To Videos

Watch video tutorials to get you quickly started with Vault Safety.

For the latest information about these features, refer to Vault Safety Help. Learn More links to specific Help articles are included below each video.

Note In 21R2, Vault has a redesigned user interface (UI). As a result, unless you opted out of the new UI, the videos on this page may not match the user interface in your Vault.

Getting Started with Vault Safety

Use Vault Safety Tabs

Learn how to navigate Vault Safety tabs.

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Use Views, Search Bar, and Filters

Learn how to use views, the search bar, and filters in Vault Safety.

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Creating an Inbox Item Manually

Learn how to create an Inbox Item manually in Vault Safety.

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Creating an Inbox Item via Email

Learn how to create a manual Inbox Item from an email source document in Vault Safety.

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Create AER from Source Document

Learn how to intake an AER from a source document, such as an E2B file, in Vault Safety.

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AER Intake and Data Entry

Learn how to perform AER intake and data entry in Vault Safety.

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Promote to Case

When you promote an Inbox Item or AER to a Case, Vault Safety duplicate detection compares the current record against all other Cases in the system. Watch these three videos to learn about the following:

  • How duplicate detection supports creating new and identifying duplicate Cases.
  • How to create follow-up Cases or merge a follow-up report into an in-flight Case.
  • How to copy patient information from an existing Case to a new Case.

Duplicate Case Detection

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Working with Follow-Up Information

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Copying Patient Information from an Existing Case

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Case Processing

Case Narrative Generation

Learn how case narratives are generated.

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Managing Action Items

Learn how to assign and manage action items, such as requests for case follow-up information.

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Using the Medical Review Timeline

Learn how to use the Medical Review Timeline, an interactive tool for viewing Case events.

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Manually Generate Regulatory Report Forms

Learn how to manually generate the MedWatch FDA 3500A form or the CIOMS I form.

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Datasheets and Auto-Expectedness Evaluations

Vault Safety calculates whether an adverse event is expected and listed on product labels and investigator brochures. Watch these videos to learn about the following:

  • Setting Up Core Datasheets
  • Setting Up Local Datasheets
  • Understanding Expectedness Evaluations
  • Understanding Precise Expectedness Evaluations
  • Overriding Auto-Expectedness Evaluations

Setting Up Core Datasheets

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Setting Up Local Datasheets

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Understanding Expectedness Evaluations

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Understanding Precise Expectedness Evaluations

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Overriding Auto-Expectedness Evaluations

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Managing Reports and Dashboards

Create Reports

Learn how to create reports on cases, documents, workflows, and other data.

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How to Use Case or Transmission Unique Numbers in Reporting

Learn how to set up custom periodic or aggregate reports using the Case or Transmission Unique Number field to retrieve the latest versions.

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Create Dashboards

Learn how to create dashboards to visualize reports and data.

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Use Study Arms

Learn how to set up and use Study Arms.

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Deploy Vault Safety Self-Serve Pre-Release Sandbox Vaults

Learn about the pre-release period and how to deploy self-serve pre-release vaults.

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