Coordinate Aggregate Report Submission

The final stage of the Aggregate Report workflow is to Coordinate Document Submission.

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About Aggregate Report Submission

Vault Safety doesn’t currently support direct submissions of aggregate reports. You must coordinate the submission outside of Vault Safety and then mark the submission as complete to finalize the aggregate report.


  • By default, you must be assigned the Safety Writer or Head of Safety role to view and prepare aggregate reports.
  • The aggregate report must be fully authored and approved.

Export Aggregate Report Documents

  1. Go to the Aggregate Report record.
  2. Expand Documents.
  3. Beside the search bar, select Show in Tab.
    The Library tab appears, filtered to the documents in the aggregate report.
  4. Expand the All Actions (All Actions) menu, and then select All 3 Documents.
    The Refine Selection (Step 1) page appears.
  5. Select which documents you want to export, and then select Next.
    The Choose Action (Step 2) page appears.
  6. Under Manage Documents, select Document Export, and then select Next.
    The Choose Artifacts and Naming Rule (Step 3) page appears.
  7. Select Source Documents, and then under Version Selection, select Follow version binding rule.
  8. Under Define Document Naming Rule, select which document field the system should name each file with.
  9. Select Next.
  10. Review the Confirmation (Step 4) page, and then select Finish.


The system starts exporting the files and sends a notification when the export is complete. Access the file download link in the notification from the Home tab or in the email notification.

Mark Submission as Complete

Note This page describes the default aggregate report workflow configuration. If your organization has a custom workflow, follow the recommendations in your business standard operating procedure for marking submissions as complete.

  1. Accept the Coordinate Document Submission task.
  2. Beside the Coordinate Document Submission task, select Complete.
    The Coordinate Document Submission window appears.
  3. Select Complete.


The Aggregate Report record is marked as Completed.

The system automatically creates the Aggregate Report record for the next upcoming reporting deadline according to the time period configured in the reporting family.

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