Merge to In-Flight Case

You can merge Inbox Item information into an In-Flight Case.

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About Merging to an In-Flight Case

In-Flight Case
An open Case that has not completed case processing (generally in any state before Approved, Closed, or Superseded).

As a Case Processor, you can merge new case information from an Inbox Item to an in-flight Case. The system creates an Inbound Transmission with links to the Case and Inbox Item.

The system also adds one minor (+0.1) version number to the latest Case version.

If multiple Inbox Items link to the same Case, the system updates them so that they all link to the new Case version upon promoting an Inbox Item to follow-up. This ensures that related Inbox Item information is not lost on subsequent versions.


To use the Merge to In-Flight feature, your administrator must:

Merge an Inbox Item to an In-Flight Case

  1. Go to the Inbox Item marked for follow-up.
  2. Run the Promote to Follow-up action.
    Since the Inbox Item is in Marked for Follow-Up state and contains a link to an In-Flight Case, the system skips duplicate detection and directs you to the Case Compare screen.

    Note The action will fail if the Inbox Item is not linked to a Case.

  3. On the Case Compare page, select the information from the Inbox Item you want to merge into the Case. For more information on how to use Case Compare, see the Inbox Item Follow-Up article or interact with the Case Compare animation.
  4. When you’re done, select Merge to Current.
    Case Compare Merge to Current
    Case Compare Merge to Current
    Note If you do not see the Merge to Current button, this may be because:
    • Your administrator must enable this option.
    • The Case you want to merge into is in a prohibited state.
    • You do not have edit access to the In-Flight Case in its current state. Contact your administrator to grant you edit access.
    If the New Info Date value is being updated, a message will appear and ask if you want to proceed with this change.


The changes you selected on the Case Compare page are updated on the latest Case version. If there are changes to the primary designation for Case Product, Adverse Event, or Case Contact, those are applied to the latest Case version. If the primary Case Product or Adverse Event change, the system reevaluates Case Assessments, Expectedness, and Assessment Results.

The Inbox Item state goes from Marked as Follow-Up to Promoted and a new section, Inbox Item has been promoted, appears with a link to the new Case version.

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