Reject an AER

If an Adverse Event Report is invalid or already exists, reject the Adverse Event Report.

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Reject an Adverse Event Report

  1. From the Inbox tab, locate the Adverse Event Report.
  2. Select the name of the Adverse Event Report to open it.
  3. From the Workflow State Change (Workflow State Change) menu, select Reject.


The state of the Adverse Event Report changes to Rejected.

Rejected AER
Rejected Adverse Event Report

View Rejected Adverse Event Reports

The system retains rejected Adverse Event Reports and you can view them in the Inbox tab.

To filter the Inbox tab for only rejected Adverse Event Reports, add a custom filter:

  1. On the Inbox tab, beside Filters, select Edit-Icon.
  2. In the Add Filter field, enter Lifecycle State.
    A lifecycle state filter is added.
  3. Expand Lifecycle State, and then select Rejected.


The system filters the Inbox to show only rejected Adverse Event Reports.

Inbox with Rejected Filter

Resume Case Intake

  1. On the AER page for the rejected Adverse Event Report, select the Workflow State Change (Workflow State Change) menu.
  2. Select Change State to New.


The Adverse Event Report enters the New state and is available for Case promotion.

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