Inbox Item Transition From AERs

Transitioning to Inbox Items from AERs is recommended for case intake.

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About Inbox Items

Inbox Items are replacing AERs as the new Vault object for case intake. Inbox Items have significant functional and usability benefits over AERs that will make intake and duplicate search more efficient. Like AERs, Inbox Items capture the basic report information and can be promoted to a new or follow-up Case.

Inbox Item

In 21R2, Inbox Items became available to all Vault Safety customers.

The following timeline briefly summarizes the transitioning from AERs to Inbox Items:

Release 22R1
(April 2022)

We recommend transitioning from the use of AERs to Inbox Items.

Release 23R2
(August 2023)

All AER features are supported by Inbox Items.

Release 23R3
(December 2023)

AER creation is disabled and using Inbox Items is mandatory for all customers.

Release 24R1
(April 2024)

AER promotion is disabled.

Benefits of Inbox Items Over AERs

The following lists some of the major benefits that Inbox Items provide and that AERs do not:

  • More efficient intake with the ability to enter multiple child records directly on the same page
  • More efficient verification with the ability to view source data (e.g. E2B) on the same page
  • More efficient duplicate search

Features Exclusive to Inbox Items

The following features have been added for Inbox Items but are not available for AERs:

Intake Email to Vault Safety Inbox Item
E2B+ Intake API
Organized Data Collection for PSP/MRP
E2B Rendition
Inbox Priority
Suggestions on Import
Localization Local Language to English Intake
Local to Domestic Case Processing
Validation Rank Suggestion and Validation for E2B-Imported Blinded Products
Case Promotion Promote to Multiple Cases
Automated Case Promotion
Merge Inbox Item to In-Flight Case
Copy Patient Information from Existing Case
Auto-Calculation Upon Case Promotion
Follow-Ups Follow-Up Case Compare and Data Merge
Follow-Up with Any Matching UID

Note that we will be delivering additional Inbox Item features not listed in this table in future releases as well.

Transition to Inbox Items

AERs are being phased out. No new functionality is being added to AERs. Using the new Inbox (Inbox Item) is currently optional. In 22R1, we recommend that customers start using Inbox Items for manual intake. All customers should be using Inbox Items for intake by 23R3 (December 2023).

You have the option of gradually transitioning to Inbox Items or making the transition in one effort. For example, you can continue using AERs for manual intake and start using Inbox Items for E2B imported Cases.

For vaults created in 21R1 or earlier, an administrator must follow the checklist below to enable Inbox Items in your vault. Configurations will depend on the release from which your vault was originally deployed.

Vaults created in 21R2 or later include the basic Inbox Item configurations by default. However, there are additional capabilities you can enable, if required. These are outlined below.

(21R1 and Earlier) Enable Inbox Items Checklist

The following steps outline the list of configurations an administrator must perform to enable Inbox Items in your vault:
Enable Inbox Items

    Refer to the appropriate section depending on when your vault was created:
    • Vaults Deployed in 20R3 or later
    • Vaults Deployed in 20R2 or Earlier

Enable Manual Study Intake on Inbox Item

Enable E2B Import to Inbox Item

(All Vaults) Enable Additional Inbox Item Capabilities

After an administrator has enabled Inbox Items in your vault, they can perform additional configurations to enable more Inbox Item capabilities.

Enable Inbox Item Follow-Up Case Compare

Configure Email to Vault Safety Inbox Item

Local Language to English Intake

Inbox Item Resources

Use the following articles to learn more about how to use Inbox Items for Case intake:

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