Close a Case

After case processing and submission are complete, close the Case to permanently lock it from changes.

Note Depending on your Admin's configuration, object, field, and section labels, lifecycle states, and workflows may differ from the general information on this page. Refer to your organization's business processes for guidance.

About Case Closure

After you report a case to health authorities, authorized users can close the Case to permanently lock the it from any changes that would trigger an audit violation.

Once a Case enters the Closed state, Case fields and all Case child records (Case Assessment, Case Product, and so on) are locked from changes.

After closing a Case, the only way to revise the Case is to Add a Follow-Up Case.


  • You must be authorized to move the Case to the Closed lifecycle state. In the Vault Safety template configuration, users assigned the Distribution Manager role can close Cases.
  • Your Vault configuration may require the Case to be in the Approved state before you can access the user task to close the Case.
  • You cannot close a Case until all Transmissions (Submissions and Distributions) associated with the Case are completed successfully.

Verify Case Transmissions are Completed

  1. Go to the Case you want to close.
  2. To view the Transmissions associated with the Case, expand Submissions & Distributions.
    Submissions & Distributions Section
  3. To go to a Transmission record, select the record Name.
  4. To view the task history on the Transmission, expand Workflow Timeline, and then expand each action.
    Workflow Timeline Section
  5. If there are any Transmissions that are incomplete or in an error state, a Distribution Manager must complete the Transmission.
    The following links provide more information on how to execute different Transmission methods:

Complete the Case Close Workflow

Note This page describes the Case Close workflow in the Vault Safety template configuration. If your organization has a customized workflow, follow the recommendations in your business standard operating procedure for closing cases.

Once a Case enters the Approved state, the Case Close workflow starts and makes the Review Submissions task available to users in the Distribution Manager role for the Organization associated with the Case.

Complete the Review Submissions task to verify that all Transmissions have been completed successfully. Once you complete this task, the Case moves to the Closed lifecycle state.

Note If an error appears, verify that all submissions completed successfully and try again.

Revise an Approved Case
Add a Follow-Up Case