Manage the WHODrug Dictionary

Set up the WHODrug dictionary for product coding under Cases and Adverse Event Reports.

About WHODrug Administration

Vault Safety supports the C3 format of the WHODrug Global dictionary. Veeva manages and updates the IDMP-compliant WHODrug dictionary through a central database.

To enable the WHODrug dictionary, or to update to a newly available version, update the active dictionary version.

Activate the WHODrug Dictionary

  1. Go to Business Admin > Objects > Dictionaries.
  2. On the Dictionaries page, select WHODrug Dictionary from the table.
    whodrug dictionary record
  3. On the WHODrug Dictionary page, select Edit.
  4. Beside Active Version (WHODrug), select the version of the dictionary that you want to activate from the list.
    If the list of WHODrug versions is out of date, you can sync the list of available WHODrug versions.
  5. Select Save.


The system activates the WHODrug version and it is available for use.

WHODrug Versions

WHODrug releases new versions of the dictionary twice per year: March and September. Veeva updates the Vault Safety WHODrug dictionary within 30 days of the WHODrug release date. The system names dictionary versions in the format of GLOBALC3{Date}, where {Date} is the release date.

If you are using a version of the dictionary that becomes out-of-date and unavailable, you must update to a newer version.

Vault Safety currently supports the following WHODrug dictionary versions:

Version Vault Safety Label
WHODrug March 2023 GLOBALC3Mar23
WHODrug September 2022 GLOBALC3Sep22
WHODrug March 2022 GLOBALC3Mar22
WHODrug September 2021 GLOBALC3Sep21
WHODrug March 2021 GLOBALC3Mar21
WHODrug September 2020 GLOBALC3Sep20
WHODrug March 2020 GLOBALC3Mar20
WHODrug September 2019 GLOBALC3Sep19
WHODrug March 2019 GLOBALC3Mar19
WHODrug September 2018 GLOBALC3Sep18
WHODrug March 2018 GLOBALC3Mar18
WHODrug September 2017 GLOBALC3Sep17
WHODrug March 2017 DDEC3Mar17

Sync List of Available WHODrug Versions

If your vault has the latest Active Version control on the page layout, you can see when the list of versions on your vault is out-of-sync with the latest WHODrug releases.

The field will display the following message when your vault is out-of-sync:

The list of available WHODrug versions is out of sync with the server. Please sync the WHODrug versions to update the list.

If this occurs, you can use the Fetch WHODrug Releases action from the All Actions (All Actions) menu to update the list of available versions.

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