Manage License Types

A user's license type controls high-level access to Vault Safety features.

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Vault Safety License Types

In Vault, each user has an assigned license type. The license type grants the user access to functional areas in Vault Safety. The license is the highest level of access control in Vault Safety.

Vault Online Help provides more information on Vault license types.

Note Admins must have a permission set that grants the Admin: Users: Edit permission to change a user’s license type.

Application License Types

Some vaults use multiple applications, for example, SafetyDocs and Safety Management. In these vaults, users have an application license type for each application they can access in addition to their Vault Safety license type. An application license type lets the system track available licenses at the application level but does not control a user’s access in the vault.

A single user assigned to two applications uses two licenses.

Note When assigning the Application License Type for a user, you cannot select a type with greater permissions than those granted by the selected License Type.

Assign License Types

Vault Safety and application license types are assigned when you create a user account. To edit a license type assigned to a user account, perform the following steps.

  1. From the Users & Groups > Vault Users page, select the user that you want to edit.
  2. On the user page, select Edit.
  3. Under Primary Information, beside License Type, select the Vault Safety license type that you want to assign the user.
  4. Under Application Licensing, beside each application, select the application license type that you want to assign the user.
  5. Select Save.

Default License Types

Vault contains the Full User, External User, and Read-only User license types.

Full User License

The Full User license is the most common license type. This license type does not block access to any functionality. The licenser may be assigned to regular users or administrators.

This is the only license type that allows a user to access Admin functionality. This license type also grants users access to FTP servers.

External User License

The External User license is for users outside your company who have slightly limited access. These users have most functionality, but Vault prevents them from accessing reports or dashboards, using bulk document actions, and creating CrossLink documents.

With the required permissions, they can access the Admin area, but can only view object record lists. Note that External User accounts must use an email address with a different domain from the vault’s domain.

Read-only User License

The Read-only User license provides extremely limited access. Read-only Users cannot access reports or dashboards, edit documents, binders, or object records, initiate workflows, or access the Admin area.

They can sign Read & Understood workflow tasks, but cannot otherwise participate in workflows. With the required permissions, Read-only Users can view documents, including document field values and audit trails.

They can view and download source files and renditions. They can also review object records, but only through custom object tabs.

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