Customize the Inbox Item Page Layout

Learn about Inbox Item customization options to support manual intake.

Inbox Item Administration

To facilitate manual intake, Vault Safety introduced additional customization capabilities for the Inbox Item page layout in 23R1.

You can update the Inbox Item page layout to add custom Case object fields, reorder or remove fields in Inbox Item sections, and hide certain records to simplify the intake process.

The Inbox Item page layout can be accessed in Admin > Configuration > Objects > Inbox Item > Page Layouts > Inbox Item Detail Page Layout.

Note There is currently an issue where if an Admin makes a change that causes the system to update the Inbox Item page layout (for example, creating or deleting a custom field), the list and order of Fields in the Details and Patient sections are removed. You must manually add these fields back to the respective sections. This is a known issue that will be fixed in a future release.

Configure Inbox Item Section Fields

The following Inbox Item sections contain a multi-select picklist for adding, reordering, and removing fields:

  • Details
  • Case Contacts
  • Patient
  • Products
  • Medical Events
Multi-Select Picklist for Inbox Item Fields
Multi-Select Picklist for Inbox Item Fields

To see the multi-select picklist, select the alt-text icon beside the above sections.

Reorder and Remove Fields

You can reorder fields on the page layout by dragging and dropping them in the multi-select picklist. You can remove fields by selecting the x next to them.

Reorder or Remove Fields in Multi-Select Picklist

You cannot remove fields that are required. For example, in the Details section, the New Info Date field is included in the picklist but cannot be removed. If you try to save the window after removing the New Info Date, an error appears.

In the Details section, the Priority field is excluded from the picklist. This field will always appear at the top of the Details section.

Note In the Patient section, you must include either all or none of the 4 MRN fields in the picklist. If you only remove some of the MRN fields, an error appears.

Add Custom Case Fields

If the custom Case fields have been added to the Case object and enabled for the Case Type, you can now add the respective custom Case fields to the Details and Patient sections using the multi-select picklist. This allows users to enter and edit these field values during manual intake. Upon promoting the Inbox Item, these custom Case fields are copied to the Case.

There are a few considerations when adding custom Case fields:

  • The custom Case field must be of one of the following field types:
    • Date
    • Text
    • Long Text
    • Picklist
    • Object
  • Only fields from the Case object are supported, not from Case child objects.
  • There is a limit of 20 custom Case fields for each section.

Hide the Medical History & Concurrent Conditions and Drug History

You can choose to hide the Drug History and the Medical History & Concurrent Conditions records from the Products and Medical Events sections, respectively.

Note Imported records that are not visible on Inbox Items are copied to Cases upon Case promotion.

Perform the following steps to hide these picklist values from Inbox Items:

  1. On the Inbox Item page layout, edit the Products section.
    A window appears.
    Products Section Window
  2. Under Show Drug Hustory, select False from the dropdown menu.
  3. Select Done.
  4. Edit the Medical Events section.
  5. Under Show Medical History & Concurrent Conditions, select False from the dropdown menu.
  6. Select Done.
  7. Save the page.


The Product will be of Case Product type and the Medical Event will be of Adverse Event type by default. The Type field will not be displayed in these sections.

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