Manage Users

Add and manage team members, specifying the license type, security profile, location, and more.

Understand the Vault User Name and Email Address

Each Vault user has a unique user name for logging in. In Vault, all user names include the domain name your company uses for its vaults.

The user name format is username@domainname, for example, Although the user name has the same format as an email address, Vault does not send email notifications to the user name. Vault only sends email notifications to the address in the Email field.

Add a User

Note Vault Online Help provides more information on creating and managing users.

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups and select Create.
  2. On the Create User page, select an existing Domain User from the picklist to auto-populate some general information fields.
  3. If a Domain User does not already exist, select the Create Domain User option from the picklist. Complete the following fields on the Create Domain User window and select Save:
    Field Description
    First Name Enter the user's first name.
    Last Name Enter the user's last name.
    User Name Enter the user's user name.
    The system formats the user name as an email address with the vault domain name. For example, if you enter john.smith in the User Name field, the system saves the user name as
    Email Enter the user's email address.
    Language Select the user's preferred language.
    This option controls localization options for the user (number and date formats and label language respectively).
    Locale Select the user's preferred local.
    This option controls localization options for the user (number and date formats and label language, respectively).
    Timezone Select the user's time zone.
    Vault stores time and date information in UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), but displays that information to users in their own time zones.
  4. In the Details section, complete the following fields:
    Field Description
    License Type Select the type of license to assign the user.
    Manage License Types describes license types.
    Security Profile Select the type of security profile to assign the user.
    Manage Security Profiles describes security profiles.
    Domain Admin Select this field if the user is a domain administrator.
    Security Policy (Optional) Select a password security policy for the user.
    Federated ID (Optional) To associate the user with an external user ID for single-sign-on or other system integration purposes, enter the external user ID.
    Application Licensing Select the license type for each application that the user has access to.
  5. Select Save.


The system creates the user. View and manage the user on the Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users page.

After You Finish

Add User Role Setup records to assign the user to an application role.

Add User Contact Information

Update each User record to add the appropriate organization and contact details. You must complete these steps to use Action Items, generate ICSR forms, and complete Submissions.

  1. Go to Business Admin > Objects > Users.
  2. Select the name of a user to open their user record.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. In the Organization field, select the organization to which the user belongs.
  5. For users assigned the ICSR Approver role, enter contact information in the General Info and Address sections.
    The system uses this information to populate sender details on ICSR forms and Submissions.
  6. Select Save.

Edit a User

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users, and then select a user to open the user detail page.
  2. Select Edit, and then modify the information as needed.
  3. Select Save when finished.

Note You must have the Vault Owner security profile to edit other user accounts with the Vault Owner profile.

Reset User Passwords

You can reset a single user password or all user passwords.

Note Users can reset their own passwords from their user profiles.

Reset a Single User Password

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users, and then select a user to open their user detail page.
  2. From the All Actions (All Actions) menu, select Reset Password.
  3. Vault sets a temporary password and sends an email notification to the user.

Reset All User Passwords

  1. Navigate to Admin > Settings > Security Policies.
  2. Select Reset All Passwords.
  3. Select Continue in the confirmation dialog.

Deactivate a User

For audit and compliance reasons, Vault users cannot be deleted. You must deactivate the user account. Deactivating users prevents them from accessing Vault, but does not remove the user account from the system.

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users, and then select a user to open their user detail page.
  2. From the All Actions (All Actions) menu, select Make User Inactive.


The user is deactivated. Vault does not notify users when their accounts become inactive.

Note If you deactivate a user on a multi-vault domain, the user becomes inactive only in the current vault. Alternatively, users with edit permissions on User records can change a user’s state through the Action menu.

Manage User Groups

Groups are key to managing user access in Vault. A group is simply a named list of users, but by defining groups that reflect the teams and roles in your company, and assigning those groups to document roles, you can manage document access more easily and efficiently.

About System Provided Groups

Each vault has a number of groups designated as system-provided. Vault includes these groups in your initial configuration and updates group membership automatically based on standard security profiles.

When you create new users or modify their security profile, the system-managed groups will reflect those changes. You cannot delete these groups.

About Auto Managed Groups

Auto Managed groups are a feature of Dynamic Access Control. Once you begin creating User Role Setup records, you’ll see Auto Managed groups appear.

These groups correspond to User Role Setup records, which include a user reference, a single lifecycle role reference, and one or more document or object field references.

User Role Setup records with the same values are placed into the same group, excluding the user reference.

Create a Custom Group

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users, and then select Create.
  2. Enter the group’s Label and an optional Description.
  3. Select one or more profiles under Included Security Profiles (optional).
    Vault automatically includes any user with the selected security profile in the group.
  4. Select Save.

Add Users to a Custom Group

  1. Go to Admin > Users & Groups > Vault Users, and then select the custom group that you want to modify, and open the Members tab.
  2. Select Edit Members. The Edit Group Membership window appears.
  3. Search for users and select the Add icon to add them to the group or the Remove icon to remove them.
    To search for users from another existing group, select a group from the Show picklist.
  4. When finished, select Close.

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