Administration Overview

An administrator must set up Vault Safety before certain features are available for users.

Administering Vault Safety

Vault Safety comes with various default configurations, including a set of fields, document types, lifecycles, and workflows.

You can use your vault immediately with the default configuration settings. Simply follow the appropriate First Steps for Administrators to set up your vault when you first get started:

You can also customize your vault to match your company’s unique processes. Vault Safety is built on the Vault Platform and shares the same configuration concepts. Vault Online Help provides information on general Vault Platform administration.

To access the Administration areas, select the Tab Collections icon Tab Collections Icon. The following tabs appear.

Business Admin

Access ongoing day-to-day administration options, such as product, organization, and study object records, document templates, picklist options, and application-specific settings.


Access administration information and settings to monitor and configure your vault. The Admin area contains the following tabs.


Monitor the audit trails for document activity, system changes, and user logins.

Users & Groups

Create user accounts for your employees and external partners who will be accessing your vault. Organize your users into groups for ease of managing document-level access controls.


Structure how your content is organized and how your vault functions by configuring document types, document fields, lifecycles, workflows, and user notifications.


Create integrations locally, between Vaults, or with an external application.

For more information on creating and managing Connections, see Vault Platform Help.

The following articles contain help for configuring connections between Vault Safety and other Veeva Vaults:

Connection Help Article(s)
Vault CDMS to Vault Safety Configuring the Safety Link
Vault Clinical Operations to Vault Safety

About the Safety Clinical Operations Connection

Configuring the Safety to Clinical Operations Vault Connection

AS2 Gateway Connection About AS2 Gateway Connections


Configure settings for various aspects of your vault’s functionality, including enabling or disabling features, and for all vaults in your domain, including password security policies.

About Safety System Settings

Safety System Settings is a component on the Business Admin tab. Only authorized users have access to view Safety System Settings.

This page is informational only to show which settings are enabled. Safety System Settings cannot be edited directly in Vault Safety. If you require settings which are not enabled in your vault, contact Veeva Support or your Veeva Services representative.

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