Configure Reasons Omitted

Reasons omitted, or nullFlavor, options available to users for data entry are controlled by the Reason Omitted object.

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About the Reasons Omitted Object

Vault Safety comes with the following standard Reasons Omitted values out-of-box:

  • No Information
  • Masked
  • Unknown
  • Not Applicable
  • Asked But Unknown
  • Not Asked
  • Negative Infinity
  • Positive Infinity
  • Other

Each of the above system-provided Reason Omitted values correspond to a standard E2B nullFlavor code. The above system-provided standard records are protected from changes that may cause issues with E2B-compliance.

Business administrators can edit the Name and Description of these standard records but can make no other changes to the system-provided records. However, business administrators can configure additional Reason Omitted records if your organization requires custom options.

Tip You can tell the difference between standard and custom Reasons Omitted records by looking at the API Name. Standard Reasons Omitted have API Names ending with __v. You cannot create a custom Reasons Omitted record with an __v API Name.

Standard Reasons Omitted
Standard Reasons Omitted

Configure Reasons Omitted

  1. Go to Business Admin > Reasons Omitted.
  2. On the Reasons Omitted page, perform one of the following actions:
    • To add a new Reasons Omitted record, select Create.
    • To edit an existing Reasons Omitted record, open the record, and then select Edit.
  3. Complete the Create Reasons Omitted page.
  4. Save the page.

Reasons Omitted Fields

The following table describes the default Reasons Omitted fields:

Field Name Description
Name The label for the Reasons Omitted record. The label determines how this option will appear in Reason Omitted fields during data entry.

The E2B Code specifies the E2B value that a Reasons Omitted record maps to for E2B transmissions. You should always populate this field with an ICH-compliant nullFLavor code to ensure your E2B exports contain the valid mapping for your custom Reasons Omitted.

You cannot edit this field on records with an API Name ending in __v.


(Optional) To add this Reason Omitted record to a Reason Omitted Group, select the group. Reason Omitted Groups are described below.


(Optional) A description of the Reasons Omitted record.


The Status field determines whether a Reasons Omitted record is active or inactive. Inactive records are not available for use.

You cannot modify this field in the edit view. You can only edit the Status through a user action on the Reasons Omitted object.

API Name

The system name for the record. You can tell whether a record is standard or custom from the API name. If the name ends with __c, it is a custom record. If the name ends with __v, it is a standard record.

You cannot edit this field for records with an API Name ending in __v. You cannot add an API Name ending in __v for a custom record.

Managing Reason Omitted Groups

According to ICH E2B guidelines, not all reasons omitted values are allowed on all data types. You can use Reason Omitted Groups to manage which reasons omitted values show up for certain Case fields.

With Reason Omitted Groups, you can group together Reasons Omitted options that should be available for a certain data type, and then constrain that field’s picklist to display only the options available based on that group.

Add a Group

  1. Go to Business Admin > Reason Omitted Groups.
  2. Select Edit.
  3. In the new field box under Picklist values, enter a group name, and then select Add Picklist Item Button
  4. Select Save.
  5. Make note of the group API name, you will need this later.

Add Reasons Omitted to a Group

Perform the following steps for each Reason Omitted value that you want to add to the group.

  1. Go to Business Admin > Reasons Omitted.
  2. On the Reasons Omitted page, open the Reasons Omitted record to which you want to add to the group.
  3. Select Edit.
  4. In the Group field, select the Reason Omitted Group.
  5. Select Save.

Update a Picklist to Use a Reasons Omitted Group

  1. Go to Configuration > Objects.
  2. Open the object containing the field that you want to update.
  3. Go to the Fields tab.
  4. Open the field to which you want to filter by the Reason Omitted Group.
    Search for reason_omitted__v to quickly find Reason Omitted fields.
  5. Select Edit.
  6. Under Constrain Records in Referenced Object, in the Criteria VQL field, add the following VQL:
    group__v = 'group_name__c'
    Where group_name__c is the Reason Omitted Group API Name.
  7. Select Save.


The options available in this Reason Omitted picklist are filtered to only include the options in the Reason Omitted Group.

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