Define User Actions for Document States

Configure document actions to enable users to perform Vault Safety document actions.

User Action Administration

By defining user actions for a lifecycle state, you allow users to perform those actions on documents in that state, for example, start a workflow or move documents into another state.

User actions respect the vault’s access controls, so only users with the correct permissions for an action will see it in the Actions menu.

To edit user actions for document states, you must have a security profile that grants Admin: Document Lifecycles permissions.

Safety User Actions

In addition to Vault’s default user actions, Vault Safety supports the following user actions:

Action Name Description Supported Applications
Merge PDF Binder Combine and merge documents within a binder into one PDF.
Merge a Binder to PDF provides more information.
Create AER From Document Create an Adverse Event Report, using the document as the source.
Create an Adverse Event Report provides more information.
Create Imported Case from E2B Use an E2B file to create an Imported Case.
Migrate External Cases provides more information.

Add a User Action to a Lifecycle State

  1. In the Admin area, go to Configuration > Document Lifecycles.
  2. Select the Lifecycle for documents to which you want to add the user action.
  3. From the States tab, select the State for which you want the user action to be available.
  4. From the User Actions tab, select Edit.
  5. Select Create Rule.
  6. (Optional) Select Perform with conditions if the user action should only appear for documents that meet certain conditions. For example, you can set a condition for the Merge PDF Binder action to only appear when Binder equals Yes.
    Vault Help provides information about conditions for user actions.
  7. Under Allow the following actions, select a user action.
  8. Define details for the user action.
    For example, with a workflow action, you need to select a specific workflow and enter a label.
  9. (Optional) To add additional actions, select Add action.
    If the rule is conditional, these additional criteria will share the same conditions.
  10. Select Save.


The action is immediately available to users with the correct permissions.

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