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The tabs that appear in the navigation bar depend on your account permissions and your system's custom configuration.

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Home is typically the first area you see after logging into a vault.

On the Home tab, you can read notifications, view or complete your assigned tasks, and review workflows in which you are a participant.

Home Tab

Aggregate Reports

Vault SafetyDocs supports ICH-compliant aggregate reports, including collaborative authoring. The Aggregate Reports tab is where you can author and manage aggregate reports.

Aggregate Reports Tab

If you do not see the Aggregate Reports tab, you may not have permission to participate in aggregate report workflows. By default, only users assigned the Head of Safety and Safety Writer roles can view and edit aggregate reports.


Use reports to generate and analyze information about business operations in your vault at any point-in-time. You can use reports to organize, analyze, and share any data related to your Cases, documents, and processes. Create, view, and manage reports from the Analytics > Reports tab.

Reports Tab


Use dashboards to visualize report data for at-a-glance understanding of key metrics. Create, view, and manage dashboards from the Analytics > Dashboards tab.

Dashboard Tab

The dashboards you see on the Dashboards tab are those that you have created or that another user has created and shared with you.


Use the Library tab to view and manage documents.

Library Tab


In the PSMF tab, use PSMF Binders to create and edit the documents contained within your global and local PSMF binders. You can also view generated PSMF PDFs. Use PSMF Logbook to view a detailed audit trail of all changes to your PSMF binders.


If you do not see the PSMF tab, you may not have permission to view or edit PSMF binders or logbooks.

Note You can also view PSMF Binders through the Document Library.

Action Items

Use the Action Items tab to assign user tasks.

Action Item Page

Business Admin (Quick Access)

The Business Admin (Quick Access) tab only appears for Administrators and provides easy access to core admin actions and areas they need to set up.

Business Admin (Quick Access) Tab

Tab Views and Filters

The left pane on each Vault Safety tab contains Views and Filters that you can use to filter the tab to quickly locate records or documents. Certain Filters and Views come preconfigured in Vault Safety. You can also create custom Filters and Views. Vault Online Help provides information.