View and Manage Tasks

View and manage your tasks from the Home tab.

Note Beginning with 24R1 in April 2024 and for all subsequent releases, Vault Safety General Release Help content is moving to a new site. Test the new site using Limited Release content.

Note Depending on your Admin's configuration, object, field, and section labels, lifecycle states, and workflows may differ from the general information on this page. Refer to your organization's business processes for guidance.

View Tasks

Note The task counts for each view may change when you select the view. This occurs because Vault does not automatically check your permissions when loading the Home tab, but does verify that you have the appropriate permissions for each task when loading the related view.

All Tasks

All Tasks is the default view on the Home tab. This view shows both tasks assigned to you and available tasks.

For each workflow task, this view describes the required actions to complete the task, and the object to which the task applies. You can select the object name to view the object, or select Show more to see additional task details. For each user task, this view includes the task, the due date, and the assignee.

Complete a workflow task or user task from the All Tasks or My Tasks page by selecting Complete.

My Tasks

Tasks that you are assigned appear in the My Tasks view. These tasks may be steps in a document or object workflow, or they may be a user task assigned to you.

Available Tasks

The Available Tasks view lists all tasks that are available for you to accept and complete.

When a task is available, an Admin has configured the task so that any of the assigned users can complete it. When you accept the task, it is no longer listed as available and appears in the My Tasks view.

Active Tasks

The Active Workflow view lists workflows in which you are a participant or the Workflow Owner. You’ll also see workflows on any documents where you have the Owner or Coordinator role.

For each workflow, this view displays a link to the document and a list of participants, their tasks, and the task completion status. You can use this view to monitor the progress of active workflows.

Note This view shows up to 200 workflows at a time. If you have access to more than 200 workflows and need to see a full list, you can create a report using the Workflow with Document report type.

Task Status Icons

The following status indicator icons indicate the current status of an active task or workflow.

Icon Description
red-task-icon Indicates that a task is overdue.
orange-task-icon Indicates that there is less than one week remaining before a task due date.
green-task-icon Indicates that there are no overdue tasks or due dates in the next week.

Complete a Task

Workflows can include various workflow tasks. Depending on the workflow configuration, you may complete tasks assigned to you directly to you or available for you to accept.

Accept an Available Task

  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. In the left pane, under Views, select Available Tasks.
    The page filters the available tasks.
  3. (Optional) For more information, select the task headline to navigate to the relevant case or adverse event report.
  4. To accept a task, select Accept beside the task.


The accepted task appears on the Home > My Tasks view.

Complete a Task

  1. Go to the Home tab.
  2. In the left pane, under Views, select My Tasks.
    The page filters to the tasks assigned to you.
  3. (Optional) For more information, select the task headline to navigate to the relevant case or adverse event report.
  4. Select Complete beside the task.
  5. In the task completion window, enter the required information.
    The task completion dialog box varies by the task. For example, some tasks require you to enter your user name and password in order to provide an electronic signature. Other tasks require you to select a verdict, such as approve or reject.
  6. Select Complete.

Reassign a Task

  1. Go to the Workflow Timeline section of the object record detail page.
  2. From the All Actions (All Actions) menu select Reassign.
  3. In the dialog, select the new user from the New task owner picklist.
  4. Select Continue.


Vault notifies the new task owner of the reassignment. The previous owner does not receive a notification.

Provide eSignatures

On some workflows, completing a task or selecting a specific verdict requires you to electronically sign. You do this by entering your login credentials (username and password) for the Vault.

Sometimes, you’ll also need to select a “capacity” for your eSignature, which indicates why or in what context you’re signing.

Note that Vault prevents you from using saved passwords for compliance reasons. Even if you’ve saved your password in your browser or a password manager, you’ll have to type the password to provide an eSignature.

Task Due Dates

If a task has a due date, Vault displays the date alongside the task. The Workflow Timeline view in the object record details page also displays a status icon that indicates if a due date is within the next week or has already passed.

The system assigns due dates automatically based on your Vault’s workflow configuration settings. Administrators can modify workflow task due date assignment settings. Vault Online Help provides instructions.

Cancelling Tasks

You may sometimes need to cancel a workflow task, for example, if one of the assigned reviewers is on vacation and cannot complete a review. Cancelling tasks helps you prevent the workflow from becoming stuck.

Cancel a Workflow Task

  1. Go to the case page.
  2. Expand Workflow Timeline.
  3. Beside the action that you want to cancel, expand the edit-cell-button menu and select Cancel Workflow.
  4. In the Cancel Workflow dialog box, select Continue.


When you cancel a workflow action, the system deletes all outstanding tasks, notifies all participants, and reverts the workflow to the appropriate state.

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