Annotate a Document

Vault includes robust annotation capabilities, allowing you to add or reply to annotations in your browser.

This page provides basic information on adding and addressing document annotations. Vault Online Help provides more information on annotating documents.

Annotation Tools

The following table describes the annotation tools for document collaboration.

Tool Icon Description
Comment Tool Use this tool to comment on text or leave sticky notes on the document.
Pencil Tool Use this tool to draw lines on the document.
Annotate Link Tool Use this tool to add an anchor link to another document.
Grab and Pan Tool Use this tool to grab and drag the document

Suggest Text Revisions

  1. Go to the aggregate report document.
  2. Select Annotate.
    The annotation tools appear.
  3. Select comment-button.
  4. To comment on a specific phrase, highlight the text.
    You can select up to 200 words.
  5. In the annotation dialog that appears, expand the comment-type-menu menu, and then select the type of comment to leave:
    • Highlight: Leave a comment on the highlighted text.
      This option is selected by default.
    • Insert: Suggest a text insertion.
    • Strikethrough: Suggest text deletion.
    • Revise text: Suggest a revision to the text.
    • External Link: Link the highlighted text to a webpage.
  6. In the Comment field, enter a comment for the author.
  7. (Optional) To notify a user about an annotation, add a user mention by typing @ and entering their name.
    The user must have permission to access the document before you mention them.
  8. Select Save.

View and Address Annotations

  1. Go to the aggregate report document.
  2. Select Annotate.
    If the document contains annotations, the number of annotations appears overlayed on the button.
  3. Use the Up and Down arrows to navigate through annotations.
    The number to the left of the arrows indicates how many annotations are on the document.
  4. To address annotations, select the annotation, and then perform one of the following actions:
    • To reply to the annotation, select Reply.
    • To mark an annotation as resolved, select Resolved.
  5. To filter or hide annotations, select an option from the filter menu.

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