Edit a Document

Edit documents on your local machine or directly in your browser with Microsoft Office Online.

This page provides basic information about using Vault’s document editing and versioning features. Vault Help provides more detailed information.

Edit a Document Locally

  1. Go to the document.
  2. Expand the All Actions (All Actions) menu, and then select Check Out.
    Check Out a Document
    The document is checked out and the .docx file is downloaded to your machine.
  3. When the download is complete, open the document in a text editor.
  4. When you are done making changes, save and close the document.
  5. Return to the Vault narrative document page, and then from the All Actions (All Actions) menu, select Check In.
    The Check In Document window appears.
  6. Under Upload new file, select Choose, and then open the narrative document.
  7. Under Version Description, enter a description for the changes, and then select Check In.

You can use collaborative authoring to edit documents with a Microsoft 365 Account. For more information see About Collaborative Authoring on Microsoft Office.

Considerations for Editing PSMF Documents

PSMF Document Types are designed to help you track changes through an automatically generated PSMF Logbook. Each time a PSMF document is changed, a system-generated logbook entry tracks the person who made the change and the date of the change.

When you edit a document that uses a PSMF Document Type, access the PSMF Logbook through the PSMF Document Panel (PSMF Document Panel). In the Summary of Changes section, add a description of the changes.

When a PSMF PDF is generated from a binder, the logbook entries across all documents in the binder are included in the PDF.

For more information, see Working with PSMF Documents and Logbooks.

Undo Checkout

  1. On the document page, expand the All Actions (All Actions) menu, and then select Undo Checkout.
  2. In the Confirm Undo Checkout dialog box, select Continue.


The document returns to the previous checked-in version.

View and Compare Versions

  1. On the narrative document page, expand the All Actions (All Actions) menu, and then select Version History.
    The Version History window appears, listing all versions of the document.
  2. To compare a previous version of the document to the current version, hover over the version, and then from the edit-cell-button menu, select Compare Version.
    The narrative document appears in the comparison view, highlighting the differences between the two versions.
Version History Window

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Annotate a Document