Resolve Gateway Issues

Learn what to do to resolve Gateway Transmission issues.

Resolve Submission Errors

When an error occurs during the Submission workflow, the system starts the Submission Error workflow and creates a Review Transmission Error(s) task for users assigned the Distribution Manager role.

To resolve a Submission error, review the error message and resolve the issue, and then complete the Review Transmission Error(s) task.

Where you view Submission error messages depends on whether the error occurred before or after transmitting the submission to the destination gateway.

View Gateway Error Messages

Where you can view error messages depends on where the error occured in the gateway transmission process.

View Vault Safety Sending Errors

After attempting to send a Gateway Transmission, the system both sends an email and logs a notification on the Home tab with the results of the action.

If an error occurred in sending the Gateway Transmission, the notification explains the cause of the error.

View ACK Messages

  1. Go to the Submission or Distribution record.
  2. Expand Transmission Messages.
  3. Under the message that you want to read, select Message Body.
    A window appears displaying the message text.
  4. To find a warning or error message, search for the <parsingerrormessage> tag.

Resend a Transmission After Resolving an Error

If a Gateway Transmission fails, resubmit the case after resolving the error.

Complete the Review Transmission Error(s) Task

  1. Accept the Review Transmission Error(s) task.
  2. On the Submission record page, in the Review Transmission Error(s) task banner, select Complete.
    The Review Transmission Error(s) window appears.
  3. Select one of the following options:
    • Address Error: Select this option if you plan to resolve the error and attempt to send the Submission again.
    • Withdraw Submission: Select this option to cancel the Submission workflow for this Submission record.
  4. Enter your credentials in the User Name and Password fields.
  5. Select Complete.


One of the following results occur:

  • If you select Address Error, the Submission record returns to the Pending state and the system creates a review Submission task for users in the Distribution Manager role.
  • If you select Withdraw Submission, the Submission record moves into the Withdrawn state and the Submission workflow is canceled.

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