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A modern application for the collection, management, and real-time oversight of adverse events.

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How-To Videos

Watch video tutorials to get you quickly started with Vault Safety

Getting Started with Vault Safety

Vault Safety Tabs

Learn how to navigate Vault Safety tabs.

Views, Search Bar, and Filters

Learn how to use views, the search bar, and filters in Vault Safety.


Use Study Arms

Learn how to enable and use study arms.

Create Blinded Study Names

Learn how to enable and use blinded names in a study.

Case Processing

Intake and Data Entry

Learn how to perform case intake and data entry in Vault Safety.

Create Case from Source Document

Learn how to intake a case from a source document, such as an E2B file, in Vault Safety.

Duplicate Case Detection

Learn how duplicate case detection works during case promotion in Vault Safety.

Generate a Case Narrative

Learn how to generate a case narrative in Vault Safety.

Manually Generate Forms

Learn how to manually generate the MedWatch FDA 3500A or the CIOMS I form in Vault Safety.

Assign and Manage Action Items

Learn how to create action items, such as requests for case follow-up information in Vault Safety.

The Medical Review Timeline

Learn how to use the Medical Review Timeline in Vault Safety.

Managing Reports

Create Reports

Learn how to create reports on cases, documents, workflows, and other data in Vault Safety.

How to Use Case or Transmission Unique Numbers in Reporting

Learn how to set up custom reports using the Case or Transmission Unique Number field to retrieve the latest versions.

Create Dashboards

Learn how to create dashboards to visualize reports and data in Vault Safety.