Configure Email to Vault Safety Inbox Item

To enable manual intake from emails, configure email to Vault.

Note Beginning with 24R1 in April 2024 and for all subsequent releases, the new Vault Safety Help site is the official site for all Vault Safety Help content. This site reflects updates until the 23R3 release only. For the latest information, visit the new site.

Create Inbound Email Addresses

To enable manual intake from emails, you must set up inbound email addresses.

The Email to Vault feature exists in both Vault and Vault Safety. See Vault Platform’s instructions for creating inbound email addresses.

Note the following differences when completing the page:

  • For the Allowed Senders field, the Anyone option does not exist in Vault Safety.
  • For the Email Processor field, you must select Create Inbox Item from Email.


After you complete the page, Allowed Senders can send emails to the specified inbound email address.

Note The sender must match an email address in the Allowed Senders group you selected. Otherwise, the system ignores the email and does not create an Inbox Item.

You can continue to use an existing email address by setting up an auto-redirecting rule to a Vault-owned email in your email inbox. Or, Allowed Senders can send emails directly to a Vault-owned email address.

Use a Subaddress

When you are sending an email to a Vault-owned email address, you have the option of adding a subaddress to the Vault-owned email address to specify the organization.

For example, in the email address, the subaddress is organization__v=sponsor1__v.

If the subaddress matches the API name of a Sponsor-type record, the system will use it to set the Organization field for the Inbox Item and all linked Vault documents when an Allowed Sender sends an email to the specified Email Address.

Note The Organization specified in the subaddress must be of Sponsor-type. If you are not using a subaddress, the Vault Customer must be of Sponsor-type.

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