Use Case or Transmission Unique Numbers in Reporting

Learn how to use the Case or Transmission Unique Number field in custom reporting.

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About Case and Transmission Unique Numbers

Vault Safety assigns a unique sequence number to each Case and Transmission. The numbers are generated and recorded in the following fields:

  • Case: Case Unique Number (case_unique_number__v)
  • Transmission: Transmission Unique Number (transmission_unique_number__v)

The sequence numbers are generated in a monotonically increasing series. These numbers are generated automatically for all Cases and Transmissions created after the 21R1 release (April 23, 2021), starting at 10,001.

For Cases created prior to the 21R1 release, you can use Vault Loader to assign sequence numbers. A buffer of numbers 1-10,000 are available and can be applied to Cases and Transmissions in this scenario.

How to Use Case or Transmission Unique Numbers in Reporting

The Case and Transmission unique numbers can be used with Vault’s reporting capabilities to create a custom report that retrieves the latest version of a Case or Transmission in a time period.

Tip Administrators can apply custom formatting to downloaded reports from Vault using Excel Templates. See Vault Online Help for more information on configuring Excel Templates in your environment.

The following video provides a demo of configuring a multi-pass report using the Case Unique Number field to ensure only the latest Cases are listed in the report:

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