Send an Email Transmission

You can send individual case safety reports from Vault Safety to email destinations.

Note Depending on your Admin's configuration, object, field, and section labels, lifecycle states, and workflows may differ from the general information on this page. Refer to your organization's business processes for guidance.

Email Transmissions

Vault Safety supports sending Submissions and Distributions over email with full tracking of email events for delivery, opening, and errors.

This page provides instructions to Distribution Manager users to send Email Transmissions. For information on administering this feature, see Configure Email Transmissions.

Email transmissions include an Individual Case Safety Report (ICSR) document and can be sent to one or more recipients. The ICSR format, optional cover letter, and mailing list are managed on the transmission profile.


  • An administrator must have already configured the email settings, including the destinations, in an Email Profile.
  • You must have permission to manage Transmission object records. Typically, these permissions are reserved for Distribution Manager users.

How Email Transmissions are Generated

When the Vault Safety rules engine determines that a Case meets reporting criteria for an organization and matches an Email Profile, the system generates a Transmission (Submission or Distribution) record in the Ready state and associates it with the Case.

The Transmission uses the settings configured on the Email Profile to populate the email fields and generate the correct transmission documents, including a cover letter if applicable.

Note Vault Safety does not validate E2B XML files generated for Email Distributions.

View Email Contents

You can view the email contents and attachments from the following fields on the Transmission (Submission or Distribution) record:

  • Message Subject
  • Message Body
  • Cover Letter
  • File

Configure Email Transmissions provides more information on Email Transmission fields.

Send Email Transmission Action

Use the Send Email Transmission action to send email transmissions. Depending on your vault’s configuration, this action may be available as a user action or triggered as part of a workflow.

For auto-submissions, the Send to Gateway action on the Case includes sending email transmissions with auto-submissions enabled.

Transmission Lifecycle States for Email Transmissions

The following table describes the Email Transmission states and how records enter these states:

Transmission State Description
Sent When the email has been sent to all recipients.
Complete When the email has been delivered to all recipients.
Error When the email could not be delivered to one or more recipients.

Track and Monitor Emails

When the Vault Safety reporting rules engine determines a Case requires an email distribution, the system automatically generates the appropriate type of Transmission record (Submission or Distribution) and associates it with the Case.

The system automatically generates the transmission documents according to what is configured on the Email Profile and attaches them to the Transmission record.

Note Total attachment size cannot exceed 15MB.

Email Events Log

Vault Safety tracks certain key events in the Transmission record. Events are logged for each recipient. Review the events log to view these events and monitor when the email was sent and opened.

The following table describes the events the system logs for Email Transmissions:

Event Type Description
Initial Message Sent The initial email was sent to a recipient.
Message Delivered An email was successfully delivered to a recipient.
Message Opened An email was opened by a recipient.
Error An email could not be delivered to a recipient.

Note Consider the following when tracking email events:

  • Not all email addresses support full event tracking, depending on the recipient email server security settings.
  • Email receipt status updates may be delayed up to one hour.
  • Vault Safety cannot guarantee the delivery of email event messages due to the possibility of temporary recipient email server outages.

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